SPANISH PEAKS STRIDERS Running Club – Huerfano County, Colorado (Walsenburg/La Veta)
Established 10/1/17
For more information see Spanish Peaks Striders Facebook page or call 303-746-3092
Coming attractions: 2018 “RaBa Cinco” individual/club trophy & award competition in Raton Basin counties of Colfax (Raton) in New Mexico, Las Animas (Trinidad) & Huerfano plus residents of Colorado City and Rye

Sign up by emailing:
Provide you name according to the way you will register for the individual events, indicate male or female and your city & state residence.

RaBa Cinco thumbnail sketch: RaBa Cinco is a 2018 competition for runners (with walkers welcome) in our Raton Basin region featuring a series of events scheduled for May through November from Colorado City in the north to Angel Fire, NM in the south. Individuals from anywhere and three “teams” from the area (based on county residence) will score points (e.g., 20 for 1st place, 19 for 2nd…) in a competition for trophies/awards at year’s end. Participation in five events can be your goal, but whether you do one or all 11 on tap (including the Marathon of the Legends Team Relay for five bonus points), you can reap the rewards of fitness, fun, and community. So get ready to RaBa Cinco in 2018, with events ranging from one lap around the track to a scenic 20 mile marathon dress rehearsal – something that fills that gap between a half marathon and the “big enchilada” of 26.2 miles.

A December 2018 awards ceremony will honor female and male individual trophy winners, with at least 10 other males and females receiving awards in the form of plaques and certificates. In addition, as the year proceeds, three teams will be competing this inaugural year. Those teams will represent Colfax County, NM, Las Animas County, CO & one team comprised of Huerfano County residents plus those residing in Colorado City and Rye, CO (to add to the relatively low population base of Huerfano). Team scoring for each event will be according to traditional cross country team scoring rules. Further details will be provided when a new RaBa Cinco website is established. Meanwhile, suffice to say that this series is modeled in accordance with the “Arkansas Grand Prix” series that has been conducted for over three decades by the Road Runners Club of America’s Arkansas Chapter. RaBa Cinco will seek to follow standards available for review there to the extent that they are suitable and compatible with our environment and scale. Input is welcome and may be provided by email contact to SPrunnersclub@gmail.com. Currently the RaBa Cinco events are:

April 2018:
Bulldog Run (Spring) – 5K/10K/Half – 4/14/18 – Trinidad, CO

May 2018:
Climax Canyon 5K Trail Run – 5/5/18 – Ration, NM

June 2018:
Orphans versus Lost Souls 4.4 females /5 miles males – Las Animas County, CO (to Huerfano County line)

July 2018:
Angel Fire Adventure 5K – TBD early July date – Angel Fire, NM
Track & Tri 400 meters to 4K / with possible concurrent Triathlon – Tentative 7/15/18 – Walsenburg, CO

August 2018:
Marathon of the Legends Team Relay (5 bonus points event) – 8/26/18 – Walsenburg, CO

September 2018:
Master of the Mountains approx. 6 mi. Trail Run – 9/18/18 – Colfax County, NM
Hoofin’ It 4 Harlie Half/5K – TBD Sept. date – Colorado City, CO

October 2018:
Oktoberfest 5K Fun Run/6K competitive – 10/6/18 – La Veta, CO
Bears v. Bulls 8/9 miler & Marathon Dress Rehearsal 30K & 20 miler – La Veta/Walsenburg, CO

November 2018:
Bulldog Run (Fall) – 5K/10K/Half – TBD Nov. date – Trinidad, CO


Walsenburg, Colorado, Sunday, August 27, 2017, 7:30 a.m. Start
at Miner’s Plaza, 6th and Main in downtown Walsenburg, Colorado.

2017 RESULTS!!

2017 Marathon of the Legends Team Relay Champion:
Pueblo Gold Diggers, Team Captain Jason Castro (Pueblo) – in a time of 3:14:45
Team members: Eric Castellano, Mike Baca, Mark Gonzales, Melanie Steves, Rob Urbina

Second Place:
VetaBurg Runners, Team Captain Ryan Parker (La Veta) – 4:01:30
Team members: Co-captain Ben Wiley (Huerfano County), Cindy Campbell (La Veta), Lorraine Cisneros, Kenny Johnson (Walsenburg)

Third Place:
Big Dog Mother Runners, Team Captain MariJane Martinez – 4:06:30
Team Members: Kari Brosseau, Wendy Garrison, Rebecca Medina, Carmen Perez, Haley Sinclair, Kris Spinuzzi, (Honorary Co-captains Debbie Gurule & Gloria Montoya)

Fourth Place:
Blazin’Trails, Team Captain Michelle Camacho – 4:11:18
Team Members: Joe Camacho, Amanda Gossel, Arianna Medina, Rochelle Trujillo

Fifth Place:
The We Can Do Its, Team Captain Tracie Younger (Walsenburg) – 4:14:45
Team Members: Joaquin Younger, Caron Bressan, Daniel Bressan, Emily Bressan, Kathy Bressan, Megan Hanlan, Kaylee Ortibez, Shyanne Urdiales, Ursula Vosler, Ellen White

Sixth Place:
Get Out. Get Moving, Team Captain Desiree Dallaguardia (Walsenburg) – 4:22:52
Team Members: Paul DallaGuardia, Pamela Archuletta, Angelique Espinoza, Jesus Espinoza, Wayne Espinoza, Paul Gomez, Christie Lopez-Firewalks, Lance Martinez, Kim Westerman, Nocole Westerman

Seventh Place:
La Veta Trail Blazers, Team Captain Tanya White (La Veta) – 4:28:45
Team Members: Heather Cupers, Antionette Clemmons, Loralie Buschacher, Savanna Buschacher, Matthew White

Eighth Place:
The Gumpettes, Team Captain Ruth Stodghill – 4:32:59
Team Members: Juanita Peters, Giena Ward


2017 Marathon of the Legends 20K Walk Team Relay Champion: Whirled Gerbils, Team Captain Gretchen Orr (Walsenburg) – in a time of 3:08:24
Team Members: Brian Orr, Ruth Orr, Eddie Ray, Melissa Ray, Debi Sporleder

Second Place:
Zumba Caminantes, Team Captain Helen Pino – 3:13:59
Team Members: Lorraine Cisneros, Cheryl Davis, Orlinda Lucero, Barbara Garbiso-Trujillo, June Tenorio

Third Place: The Coal Miner’s Daughters and Sons, Team Captain Susan Botelho – 3:38:39
Team Members: Linda Doty, Julia Martinez, C.J. Montoya, Nancy Ross

Fourth Place:
The Legendary Dames and Gents, Team Captain Donna Allenbaugh (Walsenburg) – 3:47:20
Team Members: Betsy Hall, Andrea Montoya, Grace Lucero, Victor Lucero, Kim Trujillo


Highway of Legends Contest Winner (Explain the Legends):
Get Out. Get Moving. – Team Captain Desiree Dallaguardia (Walsenburg)

Team Spirit Award Winner:
The We Can Do Its – Team Captain Tracie Younger (Walsenburg)


Conveniently located on I-25, Walsenburg is an easy drive from Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver, Trinidad, Alamosa and Raton, NM.
– Teams ranging from two members up to 11 (the marathon race has 11 legs) can split the 26.2 miles in any way they choose, running a single leg or as many as 10 (even alternating legs). The first leg is 3.7 miles, the middle legs are all 2.1 miles, and the final leg is 3.6 miles. Course details are provided below for the MARATHON OF THE LEGENDS TEAM RELAY.
– Solo runners/walkers can be assigned to a team of “new friends” and we wouldn’t stop anyone from running the entire distance although the championship trophy is reserved for the fastest team.
– Medals and T-shirts will be awarded to the first 50 participants to register and five teams will receive awards.
– Marathon event for ages 13 and up.
– Every effort will be made to enable wheel chair athletes to participate. Call 303-746-3092.
– Continue reading below for course information applicable to the marathon relay race and the walking event.

REGISTRATION: Online registration is available at www.runsignup.com
Under “Find A Race” input the date of 8/27/2017 and specify Colorado. If you do not have a team and want to be matched with others, you may register individually and present your printed registration acknowledgement by 7 a.m. on race day at the 6th & Main starting location. Alternatively, mail in registration is available as noted below with provisions for specifying your team roster. Actual signatures are required to receive a race bib.

– The 20k WALK event will begin at 8 a.m. at Black Diamond Park two miles west of Walsenburg at the south gate entrance to the Black Diamond Park subdivision on the north side of U.S. Highway 160. This is precisely two miles west of the Seventh and Main intersection in downtown Walsenburg. (Seventh Street is U.S. 160.) GPS users may also use the address of 1 Black Diamond Drive, Walsenburg, CO 81089 (or 440 Diamond Head Vista) to guide you to the entrance gate.
– Walking teams consist of two to six members.
– The walking event consists of six 2.1 mile loops of Black Diamond Park (beginning and ending at the Black Diamond Park Office Building). Team members may walk together if they like, but completion of the six legs consecutively constitutes completion of the 20K distance for award purposes.
– Walking/event for ages 10 and up.

REGISTRATION: Online registration is available at www.runsignup.com In addition, mail-in registration is available as noted further below.

GENERAL: Walsenburg is a small town in southern Colorado at the gateway of the scenic and celebrated Highway of the Legends (CO State Highway 12). You can “google it” to identify some of the legends, but we’ll leave it up to you and we invite anyone to run or walk in the LEGENDS COSTUME of your choice if you are so inclined (e.g., traditional Native American dress, Spanish Conquistador, Cowboy/girl and hey, Did Elvis ever make it to town??). There just may be a spirit award for such creativity!

AWARDS: Marathon event – Champion & 2nd and place teams
20 K walk event – Champion
Other – Team Spirit/Legends Contest (See below)

A “Highway of Legends Team Award” will be made based on the following:
Each Team will have the opportunity to identify four legends and/or facts associated with the Highway of Legends (Colorado State Highway 12). The TEAM CAPTAIN turns in the entry form for the team members (found in the Team Captain’s Packet) at the designated place in the area of the RELAY EXCHANGE POINT by 11 a.m. (One entry per team.) The team judged to most CREATIVELY and ACCURATELY reflect the legends and/or facts associated with the Highway of Legends will be the winner of this award.

Finally, there is a saying, “Build it and they will come.”
Based on this, and looking to the future, we anticipate a special championship award to a youth mentoring team!


2016 Mountain Mining Marathon Relay Champion: PUEBLO DYNAMITE – in a time of 3:23:20
Team Captain, Jason Castro / Co-captain Rob Urbina, Eric Castellano, Melanie Steves

East Region Winner: BIG DOG MOTHER RUNNERS – 4:14:20
Team Captain, Rebecca Medina, Marijane Martinez, Gloria Montoya, Kristine Spinuzzi, Wendy Garrison, Martha Drake, Carmen Perez,
Haley Sinclair, Debbie Gurule

West Region Winner: HUERFANO COAL PICKS – 4:27:45
Honorary Captain, LaVelle Valdez, Co-captain, Ryan Parker, J.B. Rodriguez, Ashley Scarcella, Bryan Webb

Mining Spirit Award Winner: EAT MY DUSTERS – 4:31:59
Team Captain, Rochelle Trujillo, Mary Cope, Michelle Camacho, Joe Camacho, Terry Montoya, Lionel Montoya, Neesha Stroh

Fifth Place: TEAM HuerfanOSHA – 4:38:22
Team Captain, Kenny Johnson, Co-captain, Ben Wiley

This race is sponsored by LiveWell Huerfano, dedicated to healthy eating and active living,The Colorado Trust and Spradley Motors with facilities provided by Black Diamond Park.

Race day registrations will be accepted between 6:45 and 7:10 a.m. prior to the final announcements for team captains and lead off runners at 7:15 a.m.

Logistics notes: Please be prepared to see your lead runner off from Miner’s Plaza and to drive your other runners to the Black Diamond Park south gate on the north side of U.S. Highway 160, precisely 2 miles west of the 7th & Main intersection in downtown Walsenburg.
(GPS address: 1 Black Diamond Drive, Walsenburg, CO) Also, while provisions for shading and a limited number of chairs will be available,you may want to bring a portable lawn chair for additional comfort at BDP while legs 2-10 are in progress – as you watch your team climb the Leader Board! Refreshments will be provided at several locations on the course.

Runners will head west on city streets before leaving town on Second Street which becomes County Road 599, bordered by a dirt/gravel bike path. 2.9 miles from the start, the course turns south through a gateway into beautiful Black Diamond Park (BDP) along Black Diamond Drive. Leg 1 is 3.7 miles. After continuing to the south gateway entrance, where all relay exchanges will take place, 9 loops of the paved BDP roads will be completed (2.1 miles per loop) by participants in whatever strategic manner the team choses with the only requirement being that all relay exchanges will take place at the single designated point near the south entrance of BDP. For example, the first leg runner might rest while a teammate does one or more 2.1 mile legs and may then resume participation for any number of legs. (Each relay participant can therefore do as little as one leg and as many as ten.) The final leg of the marathon relay retraces the path of the first leg along the county road/bike path and Second Street, then south on Hendren and east on Fourth to the finish just short of 4th and Main, on the north side of the Huerfano County Courthouse. The final leg is 3.6 miles. Participants will then walk the two blocks back to Miner’s Plaza where refreshments and awards will be available. Still more course details are provided below for those desiring to “scout the course” with more precision.

Get ready for our THIRD ANNUAL EVENT!

Anyone preferring to complete Mail-in registration is accommodated as follows:

Name of TEAM CAPTAIN (Please print.) ________________________________________
Phone number ________________________________________
Mailing address ________________________________________
email address ________________________________________
Name of TEAM CO-CAPTAIN (Print) ________________________________________
Phone number ________________________________________

Entry fee: $10 per participant – maximum of 11.
Free to teams representing bona fide mentoring organizations (such as Boys & Girls Clubs, Scouting organizations and school teams – e.g., Can your offensive football team outrun the defense? Or is your soccer team faster than your football team?!) Contact Race Director Ben Wiley at 303-746-3092 to determine if your organization qualifies for a free entry.

Is your team open to merging with a team needing additional members?
_____ No thanks. _____ Yes.

_______ Match me with a team of runners.

_______ Match me with a team of walkers.

Make checks payable to: WDRC (which stands for Walsenburg Downtown Revitalization)

Mail to: Ben Wiley
P.O. Box 404
Walsenburg, CO 81089


ADDITIONAL DETAILS: The unique aspect of this event is that participants may complete as few as one and as many as 10 of the race legs in any order desired by the team. The course is composed of paved city streets for approximately one mile, then a dirt/gravel bike path along a county road up to a point that is 2.9 miles into the race. Then, in Black Diamond Park, the course returns to paved surface streets in a nature trail like setting with varied terrain and fantastic views of the Spanish Peaks region. Each loop around BDP is 2.1 miles. The final leg of the race essentially retraces the first leg with the finish line at 4th and Main in downtown Walsenburg. In sum, the person leading off goes 3.7 miles. This is followed by nine legs of 2.1 miles each, and the final person goes 3.6 miles to complete the total of 26.2. The course will be marked with traffic cones with arrows and signs.

Detailed course description (Race packets will include maps, race bibs & pins, etc.):
– Start Sixth St. and Main (Miner’s Plaza).
– West on Sixth to Hendren.
– North on Hendren to Second St.
– West on Second St.
– Second becomes a gravel road which is County Road 599.
– West on the gravel road / parallel dirt bike path.
– 2.9 miles from the start, the course turns left turn onto Black Diamond Drive through a gateway at the end of a wall on the left.
– South on Black Diamond Drive (in Black Diamond Park subdivision) for 8 tenths of a mile (past Diamond Head Vista) downhill to the small office building at the south entrance to Black Diamond Park. Runners/walkers will loop the small office building. All relay hand offs will take place following the loop of the small office building.
– The course continues with 9 counterclockwise loops of the Black Diamond Park subdivision (see subdivision map in the team captain’s packet).
– Following completion of the 9th loop of Black Diamond Park, the final leg of the race will retrace the first leg to the FINISH LINE AT FOURTH AND MAIN STREET (so as not to cross the railroad tracks).
– From the finish line, the participants will walk southward back to the starting point at Miner’s Plaza at Sixth & Main where the awards will be made at 12:30 p.m.

Additional information is provided in a Q & A format as follows:

The strategic element associated with the freedom for relay team members to “swap out” runners as frequently as desired. And it’s anyone’s guess whether a pair of reasonably accomplished half marathoners can best a possibly large team of participants inexperienced as runners but with shorter race legs to piece together. I’d bet on…well who knows?!

There will be no failures in this endeavor. In fact, it is possible to receive an award without completing the 26.2 miles if other teams do not outpace yours in the allotted time.

This is a Colorado 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization with the aim of revitalizing the downtown area of Walsenburg.

Signature denotes acknowledgement of waiver information below.
Print Name on 1st line/Signature on 2nd line. Date on 3rd line
If under age 18, provide signature of parent or legal guardian.

1._____________________________________ ______________________________________/____________ Captain

2.____________________________________ ______________________________________/____________ Co-captain

3.____________________________________ ______________________________________/_______________

4.____________________________________ ______________________________________/_______________

5.____________________________________ ______________________________________/_______________

6.____________________________________ ______________________________________/_______________

7.____________________________________ ______________________________________/_______________

8.____________________________________ ______________________________________/_______________

9.____________________________________ ______________________________________/_______________

10.___________________________________ ______________________________________/_______________

11.___________________________________ ______________________________________/_______________

I know that running or otherwise participating in a race of this nature is a potentially hazardous acitivity, which could cause injury or death. I will not enter and participate unless I am medically able and properly trained, and by my signature, I certify that I am medically able to perform this event, and am in good health, and I am properly trained. I agree to abide by any decision of a race official to deny or suspend my participation for any reason whatsoever. I attest that I have read the rules of the race and agree to abide by them. I assume all risks associated with participating in this event, including but not limited to falls, contact with other participants, the effects of the weather, including high heat and/or humidity, traffic and the conditions of the road/track/surface, and all such risks being known and appreciated by me. I understand that bicycles, skateboards, baby joggers, roller skates or roller blades, animals, and personal music players are not allowed in the race and I will abide by all race rules. Having read this waiver and knowing these facts and in consideration of your accepting my entry, I for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, waive and release the Mountain Mining Days Marathon Relay, the City of Walsenburg, LiveWell Huerfano, all event sponsors, their representatives and successors from all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in this event, even though that liability may arise out of negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons named in this waiver. I grant permission to all of the foregoing to use my photographs, motion pictures, recordings or any other record of this event for any legitimate purpose.